How To Prevent Stress For School

Summer holidays are over, and that means we have to think about maths, history, English and all those other horrible school subjects again. Well, horrible is not the right word.. How about ”annoying”? Sounds a bit less drastic.

Although I love seeing my friends again, I don’t really look forward to the homework and tests that are coming up. Especially now I’m going to my senior year on high school, everything seems even more important! And I feel like I’m going to pass out if I only even think about my upcoming exams. But that’ll get better in time.. I hope.

Today I thought I’d give you guys my tips for a stress-free year of school. So, let’s go!

1. Keep an agenda

I know you’ll remember that important test for maths, but believe me: there’s a great chance you wont’t remember it anymore after hearing about that biology and English test as well. So the best thing you can do when you’re in school is keep an agenda. That way you won’t stress out about all the things you have to remember!

2. Make your homework

This may sound as a bad idea, I know.. But if you make your homework every day, that way you’ll understand everything much better and you don’t have to stress about any upcoming tests. Altough, of course you can skip the homework sometimes if you feel like it, but don’t make it a habit.. 😉

3. Try not to overdo it 

This is something I find really hard to achieve. I’m the kind of person that wants to do everything perfect and make the best out of everything as much as possible. And sure, it definitely can be a good habit, but not if you get stressed out about it. You can do everything well, but I don’t think you can do everything perfect too. So do your best, but don’t go over your limits, because than you’ll have a really hard year of school coming up..

Of course sometimes you just can’t prevent stress, because, well.. school just can be really stressful! But maybe these tips can help you to prevent stress as much as possible.

Tell me: what are your tips for achieving a stress-free year of school?


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