Review Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks


I’ve had my eyes on the new Bourjois ColorBoost lipsticks for a while, but every time I went into the store willing to buy one (or more…), they were always sold out! But last wednesday was my lucky day: all the colors were in stock, so I bought two of them. And on top of that, they were also in sale: buy one, get one for free! After reading that I wanted to buy them all, but I managed to control myself.

The two I bought were 02 Fuchsia Libre (lower swatch) and 04 Peach On The Beach (upper swatch).


These lipsticks have SPF 15 in them, which is a really good thing. Also do they hydrate your lips and make them feel really soft. They are not to sticky and the pigmentation is really good! I mean, look at those swatches! *drools*

They wear really nice, and I think Peach On The Beach is a really good nude, everyday color. It gives your lips just that bit of extra color, but it’s not to overwhelming. Fuchsia Libre is a really gorgeous, deep pink color. You can wear this in the day as well with like a really nice, easy and light eye look. But this color is especially amazing for a night out! Than you’ll definitely have everyones attention!

On the packaging it says they last up to ten hours on your lips. Now, I think that’s a bit too much. but they do have a really good lasting time.

Just a little tip for when you’re wearing one of these Color Boost lipsticks: definitely blot your lips after you’ve applied them, because otherwise you’ll be tasting lipstick with everything you eat or drink. I’ve been there.

I can say I’m really loving these new Bourjois Color Boost lipsticks. The colors are really gorgeous, and they feel really nice on your lips. Please check them out when you have the chance!

Here in Holland you can buy these for 9,99 euros per lipstick.